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Ross M. Fefercorn

Environmental Steward. Historian. Cultural Advocate. Civic-Minded. Developer.

It's rare that these seemingly unrelated attributes could be genuinely compiled to describe the character of one individual. But for more than 25 years, Ross Fefercorn, Founder of the RMF Group (which includes CountryHome Builders, Inc. and RMF Entities, Ltd), has combined a signature work ethic and an innovative aesthetic to deliver an impressive body of real estate projects that embody each one.

Whether revitalizing a blighted north Minneapolis street now known as the Humboldt Greenway neighborhood, adjacent to the parkway where he grew up, forging key private and public partnerships at Track 29 along the south Minneapolis Greenway, or shaping the future growth of a community at The Village at Mendota Heights that is rich in Minnesota settlement history and shaped by the beauty of the Mississippi River gorge, Fefercorn is one of the Twin Cities most influential developers. He is, as colleagues like to call him, "uniquely thoughtful with his 360-degree awareness" about projects that are fast becoming an enduring part of Twin Cities' neighborhoods and the area's rapidly changing landscape.

In his own words, he admits, "I have a hierarchical view of urban planning, the way blocks and houses relate to an urban context, and how the built and natural environment dictates the manner in which people live." An avid traveler and patron of the arts, Fefercorn is fascinated by layouts of cities, old and new, and by the way things are constructed: "I'm always interested in the compositional elements of things, whether it's a play, a joke, art, a written piece, fashion, music, the structure of things."

A good listener and learner able to navigate the challenges of development: If Fefercorn is fascinated by the way homes, cities and neighborhoods are laid out and function, he has become acutely experienced in the development process. With years of proactive experience, he has grown astute in and respectful of the political and public processes that involve neighborhoods, public employees, elected government and others. His self-described good listening skills, his vast knowledge of the city's history and its power brokers, and his ongoing regard for the environment make him an ideal advocate for his projects and a trusted ally in public-private ventures.

"Development is always challenging because it involves the political landscape, neighborhood organizations, county and city planning agendas, environmental issues and personal perseverance", he notes. "The process is always unpredictable. The planning and assemblage of any one project can seem to take forever."

RMF Group is headquartered in Uptown Row, another RMF Group redevelopment site. Fefercorn lives in the bustling Wedge neighborhood of south Minneapolis, not far from his innovative Track 29 project on the Minneapolis Greenway.


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